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IpNOVA C6D - IP module for security panels with dialer
IpNOVA is complete security system for centralized monitoring using IP based networks for data transfer. IpNOVA C6D connects security panels to IP network.
  • Input interface: Dialer with "Ademco Contact ID" protocol
  • Six fast digital programmable inputs
  • Output interface: IEEE 802.3 Ethernet, Fully Compatible with 10/100/1000Base-T Networks
  • HTTP server for configuration and status control
  • Communication with up to two SOT servers
  • Encrypted connection with SOT servers
  • Verification with unique ID code
  • Power supply 12VDC (8V to 20V)
  • Indication (four LEDs) for:
    • Power supply status
    • Ethernet network connected
    • Service of network packets
    • Status of SOT servers connections
  • Button for test message to SOT servers
Features and parameters configured trough HTTP server
  • Password for HTTP server access
  • Settings for static or dynamic IP address
  • IP address for up to two SOT servers
  • Communication port for SOT server connection
  • Programmable inputs type
  • Status control
  • Setup period for test messages sent to SOT server