Inova Co
Company "Inova – Ignatovi" is registered in SGS with company deed № 2115/89, vol. 20, reg. 1963, page 194 with headquarters address: Sofia, "Maragidik" Street №9, bl. 4, appartment 25. The office of the company is situated in Sofia, "Balkandji Yovo" Street, № 15b, appartment 36.

Company "Inova" is mainly specialized in design, development and production of electronic security systems and systems for control and management.

One of the main clients of the company is Ministry of Interior Affairs. Central stations of security systems are introduced into most of Regional Directorates of Interior in the country. Other clients are NPP Kozloduy, DZU Stara Zagora, Assarel-Medet JSCo , Ministry of Justice and others.

In last few years a new security system has been developed. The system uses alarm signals transmitted by radio communication and it is more and more widely used.

In the process of designing of its products, company "Inova" uses the latest products of producers of passive and active electronic components, as the goal of the company is high technological level of all developments.

The company offers installation, warranty and post-warranty maintenance of all of its systems.

Managers of company "Inova" are Ivaylo Ignatov and Diana Ignatova. Both have graduated the Institute of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (now Technical University) in Sofia, and are engineers in "Radio electronics".

Office of the Company:

Sofia 1612
Balkandji Yovo 15B Street
Tel: 955-23-82, 955-23-83
Mobile: 088-845-75-30