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Full information about all sites is gathered, visualized and archived by a central computer, placed in a coordination centre. If the system consists only of one module INMOD 064 (up to 128 sites), then it is directly connected to the computer through a serial interface RS232C when the distance is up to 30m or through a modem when the computer and the module are at different places (ADC and a coordination centre). If the system consists of some modules INMOD 064, then the connection between them and the central computer is through a device called concentrator. The concentrator has 8 channels for connection with modules INMOD and 2 channels for connection with the central computer. Depending on the location of the modules INMOD, concentrator and computer, the connection between them can be direct or through a modem, using a non-switching line. The 8 channels allow the maximum capacity of the system to be 1024 sites. Practically it is not a problem this volume to be larger, but then the control and the work of the staff with a database, using a single computer, become more complex. Because of this, it is better if it is necessary, to be built more than one system.