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GPRS Tau - GSM/GPRS and IP transmitter
GPRS Tau is a communication device with the main purpose to transmit data from security panels and/or sensors through GPRS and/or IP based network. Combining the advantages of those two advanced communication technologies GPRS Tau provides the most secure connection with monitoring center.

  • Power supply 12VDC (8,5V to 16V)
  • Low power consumption
  • Capability to use communicator as input - using "Ademco Contact ID" protocol
  • Six digital inputs working simultaneously with GPRS and/or IP transmitters
  • HTML server for easy configuration and status check, protected with an username and a password
  • Easy configuration without the need of specialized software for programming - using only a web browser ( Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox etc. )/li>
  • Capability to use one or two fully independent servers. Additional option to use GPRS only as a backup in case the IP network fails
  • SMS report of the status of the communicator and/or digital inputs to up to 5 mobile numbers

  • Capability every digital input separately to be set to transmit SMS report
  • PGM output controlled by SMS or call
  • Capability to enter PIN or PUK code for the SIM card
  • Graphical display of the status of the GPRS network in the web interface
  • Encrypted connection with IP servers
  • Verification with an unique ID code
  • Capability to change the username and password of the html server
  • Configurable parameters sent for events on each digital input to IP servers
  • Configurable working mode for every digital input:
    • Normal Open
    • Normal Close
    • Check for AC voltage from 5V to 20V
    • Deactivated
  • Indication (4 LEDs) for:
    • LAN Status - Ethernet available
    • LAN Activity - Network packets service
    • GPRS LED – 'ON' when connected to GPRS network
    • Server LED - Established connection with server/s
  • Test button