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System "INMOD 064"
The module system INMOD 064 at configuration for work with sites using a balanced method consists of the following nodes (boards): a microprocessor board, 8 site boards, an indication board and a mainboard.

Microprocessor board
The microprocessor board is produced on the basis of the processor MC68HC11A1 of Motorola. It includes 8KB EPROM, 8KB RAM, two serial ports RS232C, eight channels 8-bit ADC and logic for decoding and testing of the site boards.

Site board 'Balanced Method'
The site board 'Balanced Method' consists of 16 high-voltage switches to ground for control of the relay in the station 'Quartz' for cancellation of the phone line; 16 generators of electricity, sent to the site; two 8-bit registers memorizing the status of each site; a 16-channel analogue commutator; an inverter and a decoder. Each site board serves 16 sites.

Indication board
The indication board controls 128 dichromatic light-emitting diodes (LEDs), which display the status of each site. The correspondence is the following:
  • Status Light OFF - Area(s) disarmed
  • Status Light Green - Area(s) armed
  • Status Light Red - System in alarm
  • Status Light Yellow - System in process of arming
The mainboard serves as a connection between the other boards. It provides a full 8-bit data and 16-bit addresses microprocessor bus together with signals for decoding of each board.