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Radina system
This system is developed for smaller towns and settlements. It works on 3 frequencies, as when one main and two doubling frequencies are used, the maximum number of guarded sites is 8192, and when two main and one doubling are used, this number is 16384. The main station (RADINA B) has two built-in modems for communication with two repeaters and a built-in coder-decoder for the receivers in the coordination room – up to 3. Also it has two serial ports for connections with radio modems. In this way the device is more compact and less expensive. There is a serial port for connection with a main station. The visualization of the received information and the programming of the operating modes are in the same way as in the case of RG2001 B2. The coder-decoder (RADINA H), build-in in the repeaters, provides a possibility for 3 radio stations with build-in modem for wire connection and serial for radio modem. The maximum configuration of the system is one main station and two repeaters working on 3 frequencies, or altogether 9 receivers listening to the ether in 3 points of the field.

  • Up to 3 radiostations
  • Bandwidth - depending on the radiostations
  • Built-in trapper inline lightning arrestor
  • Up to 3 radio inputs from radiostations
  • Bandwidth - 300 to 3400 Нz
  • Input voltage - 20mV - 2V
  • Message standart - KP
  • Filter for duplicate messages – 2.5 minutes
  • Back-Up messages selecting
  • Radio interface – retransmit on the same radio frequency
  • Radio interface – retransmit on different radio frequency
  • Built-in wire modem
  • Ethernet interface for connection through IP-based network (Optional)
  • Maximum number of serviced sites - 5120 for each radio channel
  • 220V AC/50Hz or 12V DC/1.2A
  • Built-in accumulators