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Monitoring software Radina Soft
Software for monitoring of received messages from radio base stations.
Radina Soft is software for receiving, processing, visualising and storaging data received from security sites. It has easy to use interface for working and processing received messages.
  • No limit for the maximum managed security sites and messages received from them
  • 10 levels of priority of the messages with diffrent color and sound alert
  • Option for change or enter of new event codes
  • Arrange the messages according to their priority
  • Manual input of events if needed
  • Simultaneously process of events related with one security site
  • Input from up to 4 serial ports
  • SQL server which can work from the monitoring station itself or from other computer in the network
  • Simultaneously work of more than one monitoring station with one SQL Server
  • Option to search in the database with many different configurations
  • Storage of detailed information for every security site
  • Monitoring for failed test messages
  • Visualization of security sites which is armed or disarmed, with missing test messages, unrecovered, with low battery