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Radina U2 - Radio transmitter UHF 400-468 MHz
Radina U2 is a communication device with the main purpose to transmit data from security panels and/or sensors through UHF radio channel. Using the advantages of the most advanced communication technologies Radina U2 provides the most secure connection with monitoring center, using various ways of transmition – 1 main and up to 4 back-up UHF radio frequencies.

  • Power supply 12VDC (8,5V to 16V)
  • Low power consumption
  • Six digital inputs working with the RF transmitter
  • Configurable working mode for every digital input:
    • Normal Open
    • Normal Close
    • Check for AC voltage from 5V to 20V
    • Deactivated
  • Easy configuration, protected with password

  • Frequency range – from 400MHz to 468MHz
  • RF Output power – 5-6W in the whole RF range
  • Constant RF output power regardless of the power supply voltage - from 8,5V to 16V
  • Bandwidth – 12,5KHz
  • One main and up to four back-up frequencies
  • Capability every digital input separately to be set to transmit on backup RF frequency
  • Configurable parity check, RF messages repeat count, RF test repeat count, test period and "repeat until restore" period, usage of a Smart Test to reduce radio transmitting
  • Capability every digital input separately to be set to re-transmit RF message over a period of time until it is in alarm state