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GSM/GPRS and IP receiving server
Server Tau is server software working together with USB device TauKey and is designed to receive alarm messages by IP and GSM/GPRS communication networks.

  • Supported protocols: Ademco Contact ID; Tau Hybrid Protocol(combines KP LARS and Ademco Contact ID into one flexible and easy to use protocol)
  • Capability to combine monitoring and server stations on one computer
  • Data processing - encryption, decryption, check of authenticity
  • Maximum managed security sites - 65535 (Ademco Contact ID) and/or 20480(Tau Hybrid Protocol)
  • Check for received test messages from every security site. Generates messages for missing and recovered test
  • Check for messages from new or preconfigured security sites. Generates alarm messages in those conditions

  • Redirect accepted messages by IP, GSM/GPRS to virtual serial port on KP LARS or Ademco Contact ID protocol for connection with monitoring software
  • Buffer for the serial connection with monitoring station. If the serial connection fails last messages (up to 1000) will be buffered and send immediately after reconnection of the serial connection. Visual information for the condition of the buffer
  • User-friendly interface for working and configuring
  • Service more than 600 connections in a second
  • Operating system: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista x86/x64, Windows 7 x86/x64