Software U2
The software developed for the security systems has the following features:
  • A convenient and simple graphical interface for work with Windows
  • Visualization of the status of all sites and their parameters
  • Possibility for quick call of unlimited, entered in advance inquiries about each site
  • Recording of the following events: a started system, an armed site, a disarmed site, a site in alarm, a reaction of the operator when an alarm signal is received, change of the parameters of a certain site, interrupted communication and etc.
  • Quick and easy adjustment of the following parameters of each site: voltage of balance, a zone of insensitiveness, exit delay time after arming of a site
  • Entering of unlimited information about each site
  • Possibility for different queries to the database: for a certain period of time, for certain sites, for armed sites, for sites in alarm, for disarmed sites, for balancing of sites, for interrupted communication, for reaction of the operator and etc.
  • Possibility for printing of all inquiries about sites or inquiries from the records
  • Visualization of the state of communicational lines
  • Visual and sound signals at critical events: sites in alarm or communication bus faults
  • Parallel operating at two computers on all sites; the changes made by one of the operators automatically reflect on the screen of the other operator
  • Possibility for using a mouse and/or a keyboard according to the desire of the operator
  • Automatic restoring of the current status of the system after resuming of interrupted communication

Download Inmod Software U2